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What career is right for you? It certainly can feel like an overwhelming decision, whether you’re choosing a first career or considering a change. Think about it – most people spend half their waking hours on the job. The right career is one that satisfies you as well as pays the bills.  PCC offers a multitude of options in a wide range of fields such as health care; computer technology;...
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“Accelerating the Future” Campaign for Student Success

PCC’s top fundraising priority for 2018-2019 is for a new building on campus that will focus on student success. The 33,000-square foot Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Center for Student Advancement will house seven areas dedicated to student services and success to help support the needs of our students.  The VISIONS Program Center – The VISIONS program is a career development and...
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PCC Alumni – Making a Difference in North Carolina

We are so proud of all of our Pitt Community College alumni who are now in the workforce and making contributions in our state. The Alumni Association is building a tradition to reconnect and engage alumni through loyalty and commitment to the future of PCC.  We also provide networking and connection opportunities for lifelong growing and learning.  To contact the PCC Alumni Association, go...
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Words of Advice from PCC Students

In most situations, the best advice comes from those who have experienced similar circumstances. So, if you are an individual heading to college for the first time, heed the advice from these successful students. They have been in your shoes and are proof that all things are possible…you just need to be committed and remain focused on your goals to be successful. And please don’t be afraid to...
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PCC’s Barber School: A Cut Above the Rest

By Beth Perkins Wady Santos, Owner of Bongos Barber Shop & Salon, in Greenville, NC graduated from the Pitt Community College Barber program in 2013. He worked as a barber for several years before opening his own shop in January of 2017. For Wady, this was an opportunity for him to help others succeed in their own careers. Many of the barbers he has employed have graduated from the PCC...
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So, You’re Telling Me That Being a Hero Is Your Job?

By Beth Perkins The Emergency Services Training department within the Pitt Community College Continuing Education Division offers training in 3 different areas: Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, and Fire-Rescue. Emergency Medical Services Training Emergency medical services include careers such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic. EMTs have the fundamental...
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Big Space for Big Demand Meeting the Need in Industrial Systems Technology

By Alex Freedman Walk into Pitt Community College’s Industrial Systems Technology Lab in the Walter & Marie Williams Building and you’ll quickly realize, the state-of-the-art facility is where high tech meets hands-on tech. The brand-new space, with two labs totaling 3,200 sq. ft., is specifically designed to meet the training demand for more engineering technicians, machinery...
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New at PCC Spring 2018! ONLINE Aging Studies Certificate

In addition to a 2-year Associate Degree in Human Services: Gerontology emphasis, PCC is also now offering a fast-track Aging Studies Certificate option that is completely online. The curriculum provides both theoretical and applied models for understanding issues of aging. Course work includes physical, psychological, and social aspects of the aging process; as well as health, wellness,...
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Biotech Preparing Skilled Workers as Industry Grows in North Carolina

By Rob Goldberg As North Carolina‘s biotechnology industry develops, Pitt Community College is preparing skilled lab technicians ready for employment. More than 600 biotechnology companies call the Tar Heel State home. They employ more than 60,000 workers who search for ways to use living organisms to make or modify processes for a specific use, such as agriculture and medicine. PCC’s...
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Interested in Stackable Credentials? PCC Health Sciences Division Offers Several Options…

By Jane Power Pitt Community College is a leader in providing quality healthcare professionals. Our health sciences programs combine the highest quality instruction with clinical experience in hospitals and other health care settings. In addition to offering programs for those seeking entry into a health career, Pitt Community College offers those already working in health care a variety of...
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No Better Time than Now to Pursue Entrepreneurial Career

By Rob Goldberg For many, the term “entrepreneur” conjures up thoughts of enterprising businessmen and women daring to take their goods and services to market. And while that is certainly a goal of Pitt Community College’s entrepreneurship program, it’s certainly not the only one. According to Chuck Griffin, chair of PCC’s Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Economics Department, the...
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Hill Embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit as She Nears Completion of 2nd Degree

By Rob Goldberg For anyone considering a college education but thinking they’re too old to do it, Teasea Hill has a message: “It is never too late to invest in you. As long as you have a dream, you have a purpose and you are worth it.” A devout Christian and mother of four, Hill put her educational plans on hold years ago, after marrying young and starting a family. But the itch to...

College Options for the Non-Traditional Student

By Beth Perkins and Sara Singleton Evening and Weekend College courses at Pitt Community College provide an alternative for people who work or have other commitments during the week. This includes working adults, traditional college students, or anyone who may have other obligations during traditional class times. These classes allow students to earn credits and credentials that will increase...
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Distance Education: Where Courses ‘Online’ means Courses ‘On Your Time’

By Alex Freedman A freshly brewed cup of coffee and your PJs – that’s all you might need for some of Pitt Community College’s Distance Education courses, specifically designed to make your higher education career fit your schedule… or maybe just your couch. From American Sign Language to Nuclear Medicine, Pitt Community College offers a wide range of online options in addition to...
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ADMISSIONS… Quick & Simple!

APPLY on-line at www.ncresidency.org then go to www.pittcc.edu to complete the application SEND Official Transcript | Fax to 252.321.4209 APPLY for Financial Aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov PLACEMENT TEST | Call 252.493.7561/7562 WHAT'S NEXT? MEET with an ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR Goess Student Center | Room 120 Call 252.493.7245 or email [email protected] ATTEND a NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION in the...
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