By Laurie Weston, Transitional Studies Director

“I didn’t know you did all that!”  That’s the first comment we often receive after responding to the question, “What is Transitional Studies?” For years, our department was known as Adult Basic Skills; our purpose included helping adults achieve GED® or Adult High School diplomas or helping non-English speakers learn English. Even then, we offered much more than basic skills. Adults who struggled academically took our free classes to skill-up for employment and promotions.

Now, students who enroll in the Transitional Studies Department not only receive free instruction to improve academic and English skills, they may also improve college and career readiness skills. We offer instruction and enrollment assistance in our Achieving College Entry programs (ACE) to help any student, high school graduate or not, achieve higher scores on college, occupational, or military entrance exams. Additionally, prior to college enrollment, we can save you money offering instruction to skill up on reading, writing and math skills free of charge. We provide flexible scheduling, distance learning, tutoring, self-paced instruction, convenient locations, and quality teaching and advising, all at no cost!

Transitional Studies offers concurrent enrollment opportunities in more than 12 career pathways that allow students working on high school credentials to also enroll in curriculum or continuing education. This program provides Transitional Studies students with scholarships and/or fee and tuition waivers so they can accelerate their progress toward career goals. Rather than completing one step at a time, concurrently-enrolled students attain multiple goals at the same time. 

One of our biggest strengths is that our teachers specialize in “contextualized teaching” of academic skills in the context of specific careers. This type of instruction increases motivation and interest and allows students to network, interact, and build community with others who have similar goals and interests.  Students also explore careers and paths without fear of investing time and money, only to discover a career is not for them. 

Transitional Studies maintains partnerships within the college and the community. Students take field trips, receive mentoring, and watch industry and classroom demonstrations. Assistance in overcoming barriers—transportation, child care, food and nutrition, and disabilities—financial assistance for licensing exams, college enrollment, equipment, supplies, textbooks, and instructional materials and career and college advising are also available as a result of these partnerships.

Transitional Studies students receive the full benefits of being a student at Pitt Community College, participating in activities, clubs, and events such as Career Fairs, Spring Fling and Fall Fest, Financial Wellness seminars, the Transition Club, or the National Adult Education Honor Society.   

We offer monthly or special intake orientations for free classes.  Call 252-493-7439 for more information.


  • Achieving College Entry (ACE) for any student wishing to skill up for college enrollment
  • College and Career Connections for concurrent enrollment opportunities
  • Career Academy for career and academic development for students with special learning needs and challenges
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation
  • Adult High School (AHS) for achieving a North Carolina High School Diploma issued jointly by Pitt County Schools and Pitt Community College
  • Distance Learning including courses and Internet-based programs
  • English Language Acquisition (ELA) including civics and citizenship instruction
  • Workplace Literacy offered at worksites or campus sites and designed for skilling up for job attainment, retention, and promotion