We are so proud of all of our Pitt Community College alumni who are now in the workforce and making contributions in our state. The Alumni Association is building a tradition to reconnect and engage alumni through loyalty and commitment to the future of PCC.  We also provide networking and connection opportunities for lifelong growing and learning.  To contact the PCC Alumni Association, go to www.pittccfoundation.com/alumni-association/reconnect/join-now/ or call (252) 493-7287.  Below are four graduates who share what their experience at PCC means to them.

James Van Staalduinen

2011 Architectural Technology Graduate
Construction Manager at LeChase Construction Company

“The tangible skills I received at PCC have not only prepared me for my current role as a construction manager, but have set me apart by allowing me to have more hands-on experience than many of my colleagues.  Looking back at the quality of instruction and ever-evolving curriculum, I can confidently say that PCC is the best value in education.”

Ryan Spruill

2012 Polysomnography Graduate
Clinical Coordinator for Polysomnography at Pitt Community College

“I had not stepped foot onto a college campus in 10 years since a failed attempt at ECU, but instructors who cared and knew you by name, and not just a number, quickly calmed my anxiety.  I welcomed the small classes and personal attention afforded by my instructors.  PCC did not set me up for just a job, but set me up for a career and future within health science.  PCC is a springboard to higher education transfer and successful career preparation and should not be overlooked by high school students planning their future.”

Aleshia Little

2015 Early Childhood Education Graduate
Teacher Assistant at Sadie Saulter Educational Center

“I work as a teacher assistant with Pitt County Schools. PCC did a superb job preparing me for my career by providing leadership opportunities, networking, and hands-on training experiences.  Through group experiences and supportive professors, I was able to grow academically and personally. During my educational experience, I was able to become the vice president of our Early Childhood Student Organization, became a member of the National Honor Society, and received an Academic Excellence Award. There are so many wonderful opportunities awaiting you at PCC!”

Jason Donica

2012 University Transfer Graduate
Teacher at A.G. Cox Middle School

“As a non-traditional student who had never taken a college course, I was drawn to Pitt Community College for the opportunity to explore a new career. Once I decided which degree to pursue, it was clear that PCC was a great fit and a great value. I served in many leadership roles at PCC, including SGA President, which further developed my skills for teaching. The availability of the staff and faculty in addition to the unique opportunities for a variety of learners found at PCC were tremendous benefits. The foundation of my new career started with my experiences at PCC.”