by Beth Perkins

A Notary is an impartial third-party witness to the signing of a legal document. Notaries are authorized by the state to verify the signer’s identity and willingness to sign a document. Many types of documents require a notary seal which is why notaries are in high demand in a variety of industries such as banking, finance, medical, government, insurance, and more.

A majority of notaries become notaries as part of their job duties (also making them more valuable as an employee), to add a skill to their resume, or to make additional income. Some choose to become a notary so they can have their own mobile Notary or Notary Signing Agent business. With such a high demand, there are numerous opportunities.

Pitt Community College provides the qualifying education to enable students who successfully complete the 8-hour class, and successfully pass the Notary Public examination, to apply for the North Carolina Notary Public Commission.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age or legally emancipated
  • Must be high school graduate or equivalent
  • Must reside or have a regular place of work or business in North Carolina
  • Must reside legally in the United States
  • Must speak, read, and write the English language

If you are interested in becoming an Electronic Notary (E-Notary), PCC also offers a 6-hour class to teach the necessary information to successfully pass the exam. To become an E-Notary you must already be a Notary Public.

For more information about the Notary program, contact Wendy Dunbar at 252-493-7528 or [email protected].