by Maurey Verzier

Students in the Building Construction Technology program have had their world turned upside down due to the impact of COVID-19. Since March 2020, these students have had their willpower challenged. Many have persevered and adapted to the constant changes from a predominantly hands-on learning environment to the digital world.  

The students have learned to succeed in the digital/online learning environment dictated by COVID, where the rules have changed. It would have been very easy for them to give up. However, they have learned when faced with an obstacle to not to give up. This is important in construction as they will encounter obstacles routinely in every project. Maybe not quite as intense as COVID, but an obstacle just the same. It is important to figure out how to persist, solve, adapt and triumph throughout these challenging times to achieve their goals. These are the students who will be the future leaders in this industry.

Adapting to the new tools of learning in a digital world has given them the opportunity to become familiar with multiple online/digital platforms. They have been successful at navigating through the maze of online meetings, assignment delivery systems, and maintaining professionalism in this new environment. These platforms allow business and education to proceed, but they are not a substitute for face-to-face interaction. These are the students who will smoothly adapt to an ever-changing digital environment in their industry.

These students will be successful and will not hesitate to forge new paths. PCC is very excited to see all they will accomplish.